Why We Do What We Do

The most crucial factors of any successful organization involve undoubtedly how well the different layers of your organization (owners, managers and staff) are working together. Yet, a lot of organizations don't have the knowledge, or the time to adequatly maintain that connection with their people. We do the heavy lifting for you and provide a simple solution to:

 Hear what your staff are *really* saying
 Allow them to hear you in return

Employee Connect is a tool specifically designed for small to medium-sized organizations to strengthen the connection between your people. The insight and knowledge gained by a simple survey (takes 2 minutes per week) will free you up to focus on building your organization with the knowledge, help and support of your own amazing people.


Managers face the constant onslaught of priorities and requests, trying to shuffle dozens of tasks and dealing with constant, unrelenting and pressing challenges.

Team Members

Employees and volunteers who are working "in the trenches" constantly have to deal with the repercussions of upper management decisions.


While managers are struggling to maintain the vision of an organization and staff feel disconnected from their managers, frustrations can often grow to where they take a significant toll on the financial well-being and morale of an organization.

The Solution

The Employee Connect tool allows staff to share their frustrations, concerns and suggestions with those at the helm who can in turn get an overall view of an organization and see which areas could use improvement.

Video Tutorials

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