The following amazing tools are currently available:


Success Is No Accident

Get a pulse of your organization from your own staff
  •  Define Your Goals
  •  Gather Intelligence
  •  Adjust Strategy For Success


Communication Is Everything

Get an instant overview of your ongoing projects
  •  Define Your Projects
  •  Update Project Status
  •  Communicate Progress

Employee Connect

Plan for an intelligent and successful future and validate your goals with real feedback from your staff. The Employee Connect tool helps to:

 Set your organization's goals
 Define the steps to get you there
 Find the questions to ask your staff
 Get honest answers from your staff because their name is never associated with their answers
 Confirm that you're heading towards your goals and not away from them
 Adjust your strategy according from your newly gained insight

Your staff will answer a weekly online survey that normally takes about 2-3 minutes. Once the answers are submitted, they are analyzed and condensed into a final number (0-100%) to show you quickly and unmistakably whether you are on the right track to reach your desired goals.

Project Connect

Communicate the status of a particular project with the rest of the team in a simple birds-eye overview without the typical complexities inherent in projects.

 Define your organization's projects
 Define the tasks invoved in each project
 Get a birds-eye overview of the project status
 Communicate project information with other participants
 Update the progress of an ongoing project
 View the history of the project's development progress


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